Posted by: Sabio Lantz | May 30, 2009

My Supplements

supplementsBelow are are the supplements I use for my EF Lifestyle.  I will always be updating this and adding notes.

Supplement Cautions
& Counter-Cautions:

  • Naturalist Fallacy:  One would like to think that we should be able to get everything we need by a good healthy diet.  I use to think this.  I think it is based on the false assumption that nature cares for us and all we have to do is follow nature and all will be good.  Neither nature nor our genes cares for our longevity or happiness, so we have to be clever, all the while respecting the power of both nature.
  • Too many supplements:   I think too much supplements can be a problem, and too little can be less than optimal.  I make no pretense to know the balance or what is optimal.  Here are my present thoughts.
  • Pissing away money:  Indeed many supplements, if not harmful, can be useless and pass right out of you without effect.  We have much to learn.  So I offer my present choices with humility.
  • Age & Constitution Deficiency:  I think as we grow older our ability to absorb nutrients alters so as to change the optimal amount needed by age and constitution.

My Supplements

Fish Oil

  • Cod Liver oil (Carlson Norwegian- Carlson Labs) 1 tsp 2x/d with meals
    • Contains Vit A and Vit D
    • Not sure if I will/should take in summer.
  • Fish Oil
  • Notes:  I haven’t determine which to take: Cod Liver vs Plain fish.  I alternate now.  I will have to research this more.

Vitamin D

  • See my Vitamin D3 Post
  • Last 4 months: 2,000 mg 1-2x/day (Carlson Labs)
  • I may start 4,000 mg 1-2 pills daily.  But need to test my levels — haven’t done yet and determine what my ideal intake should be.
  • After reading, I will be starting this with my children soon.


  • Ultrathione Performance Pack (recommended by Dr. De Vany) – I may begin this soon.
  • The Ultrathione Pack contains also Vit C which I feel I should be supplementing also.


  • Mag Oxide, Mag Citrate and Mag Aspartate mix (from GNC, for now)
  • Caps 400 mg 1x/d
  • Especially useful to avoid leg cramps in transitioning to EF. I went off this after the first 3 months and got occ mild cramps so went back on it.

Contemplated Supplements

  • Vitamin C:  We eat less fruit.  I will read on this. Dr. DeVany takes a couple grams per day.
  • Arginine:  GH releaser.   Argi-Vive III and is sold by North Star Nutritionals (Dr. DeVany has used, does not upset stomach so much)Note, Dr. DeVany states he has decreased his supplements — his up-coming book should speak more on this.  Some use this as a Viagra substitute, as it is a vasodilator on the same pathway.
  • Leucine: 1 gram on a work out day and then again the following day.  Good for gaining mass.  I haven’t figured out how to do this yet.


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