Posted by: Sabio Lantz | May 31, 2009

What is Evolutionary Fitness?


  • hominids2Low Carb Diet (AKA: Paleo): Low insulin producing eating style
  • Supplementation (see: My supplements)
  • Intermittent Fasting


  • High Intensity Training
  • Active Life Style, Play
  • Proper Sleep


  • Respect for Evolutionary Heritage
  • Relaxed Attitudes
  • Randomness


  • Health (this captures all the others below also)
    • Decreased use of medications
    • Decreased suffering
  • Longevity
  • Happiness
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Physical Attractiveness

“Evolutionary Fitness” (EF) was coined by Dr. Arthur DeVany.  I found his website through my economic circles and have benefited greatly from it since.  Unfortunately, his site is a pay site and it takes a lot of searching to sort through months of posts to put together the pieces of his thinking.  But the effort, should you decide to be a subscriber to his site, is worth it — Dr. DeVany’ss information and analysis are amazing and he has drastically helped hundreds of people find better health and happines.  Dr. DeVany is working on publishing a book in 2010 which should be phenomenal and you can always buy his video series for further education before the book comes out.

Above, I have an outline of what I consider the essential elements of EF.  In the meanwhile, there are lots of free Pro-Paleo, low-carb sites and lots of High Intensity Training Sites for free to learn from.  I will eventually list these on my Resources Page.



  1. You favour high intensity exercise.

    Surely that will greatly increase CHD risk?

  2. Hey George: Your data?

  3. The reason we have the potential for rapid movement is that we have evolved to be able to escape from danger and to survive in a wide range of dangerous and adverse circumstances. This ability is built into our bodies’ emergency system: the ‘fight or flight reflex’. Activated by the need to run away from danger or stay and fight — or as a result of strenuous exercise — this reflex causes a number of automatic responses which prepare the body to face, or run from, the danger to come: the heartbeat is accelerated; minor blood vessels are constricted so that more blood is fed to the brain and muscles; the lungs take in more oxygen; the amount of cholesterol in the blood is increased; adrenaline is pumped into the bloodstream helping these changes, stopping or slowing the digestive process, and stimulating the conversion of glycogen, a form of sugar stored by the body, into glucose which the body can use more easily as a source of energy.

    These changes, in the natural world, are designed to last for a short time: the time of the emergency, after which the body can return to normal. In the case of prolonged physical exertion, however, the body is forced to continue, setting in motion a series of changes called the General Adaption Syndrome. A major and important change is the prolonged production of a group of adrenal hormones called corticosteroids. An excessive production of corticosteroids has been shown to produce hypertension and other symptoms of heart disease.

    HIIT may make you fitter but it also vastly increases the chance of a heart attack when compared to, for example, yoga.

    Adapted from;

    There are Lancet articles but you have to pay to look at them.

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