Posted by: Sabio Lantz | June 1, 2009

Body Fat

VAT-SATWhat is Fat?

Fat:  AKA: adipose tissue, is a loose connective tissue made of adipocytes.

  1. to store energy
  2. produces hormones such as leptin, resistin and cytokine TNF-alpha
  3. provides mechanical cushioning

Types of Fat:

  • WAT (white adipose tissue): SAT & VAT
    • SAT (subcutaneous adipose tissue)
    • VAT (visceral adipose tissue)
      • AKA: abdominal fat or intra-abdominal fat: Linked to CAD, HTN, DM, Vascular disease
        Only MRI can spot — even underweight people can hide 7 pounds of VAT. (TOFI: thing on the Outside, Fat on the Inside).  Sumo Wrestlers actually have little VAT.
      • Intramuscular fat: interspersedin skeletal muscle. (I am not sure how this is classified)
  • BAT (brown adipose tissue)
    • Specialized form in human, most rodents and samll mammals and some hibernating animals.
    • Mainly located around the neck, between the shoulders and large blood vessels of the thorax.
    • Can generate heat (thermogenesis)
    • Mostly in newborn babies

Ways to Measure

  • BMI:  inaccurate if you weight lift — have significant muscle
  • Skinfold Thickness: 98% accurate
  • Bioelectrical Impedance
  • Underwater Weighing – Hydrostatic Weighing

How to reduce fat:

  1. Diet:  eat low carb, eat good fats, ? green tea
  2. Exercise
  3. Cold Exposure:  decreases WAT (VAT & SAT),  increases BAT


  1. Thks for the info.

    A combination fo diet and exercise is the best way to lose weight


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