Posted by: Sabio Lantz | August 17, 2009

Duck Eggs

Duck Egg

Duck Egg

For 2 1/2 years now we have raised ducks and I eat their eggs almost daily since beginning EF diet.  The eggs are delicious — I prefer them to chicken.  Nice and rich, not as bland as chicken eggs.  We feed our ducks well, they wander our yard regularly and they get no antibiotics.  We eat none in the Winter when they stop laying.

Here are Nutrition stats that Wolfram’s Alpha yielded for me.  Wow, look at that cholesterol difference !    Maybe that is why my Cholesterol was 337 !  Maybe I should switch to chicken.

So I went and asked around at a few sites for what they think about my lipid panel.  Art actually wrote a whole post on it for a reply.

Chicken Egg

Chicken Egg

Over the next week or so I will try to compile the information I learn from others.  I realize I have to sort out what I think about low-car-low-fat vs. low-car-high-fat, heck, there are even no-carb folks.  So much to sort through.  I will address this sorting issue also in a post I am compiling called “The Paleo Religion”.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Duck eggs look like they are higher in vitamins and minerals. Don’t be scared off by dietary cholesterol – no matter what your doctor or the media may tell you, studies have failed to find a correlation between dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol. This is most likely because your liver produces much more cholesterol than you’d eat in a day, and the more cholesterol you eat, the less your liver will make on its own.

    Telling people to cut back on their dietary cholesterol is just another way to tell them to cut back on meat, eggs and dairy, because cholesterol is only found in animal foods (plants, fungi and bacteria don’t need cholesterol to function.) This is probably the worst thing you could do from a health perspective, as animal foods are ideal for health in general and serum cholesterol in particular.


    Icarus D

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