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  • iodineIodine is used by your thyroid to manufacture two hormones: T3 & T4.
  • Salt was iodized to supplement the population but in the last decade, new plain old salt sales have fallen.  Iodine deficiency is rising.
  • Even if you have adequate iodine intake, you may have deficiency due to fructose which has been shown to create a copper deficiency (Fields June 12, 1986 Amer. Inst of Nutrition) and iodine deficiency (Fiziol 1990, Mar-Apr, 36(2), Russian).  Fructose is in corn sweeteners in sodas and everything sweet nowadays.
  • High fructose, low iodine has huge impact on pregnant women leading to deficient IQ 10-15 pts in children.  Australian govt (as of Aug 2009) was planning to solve this with mandatory iodine in bread.  Great !

Source of Iodine

  • Some worry that Kelp has arsenic, but Japanese eat seawee like crazy (it is argued by Dr. Davis) without toxicity.  Article by Amster et al. 200y apparently (unchecked) reports that the arsenic commonly found in seaweed and seaweed products is relatively non-toxic.
  • One guy’s concoction: ” I bought some technical grade potassium iodide, some 99.9% metallic iodine and a dropper bottle and made some 50% strength Lugol’s iodine. The recipe is: 2.5g iodine, 5g potassium iodine, add water to total weight of 100g. I found the full strength solution wasn’t dissolving so went for half strength, which still took about a day to finish dissolving. This makes for about 3.25mg effective iodine per drop (which is quite a bit). I add one drop of 50% Lugol’s to the milk I use to take my vitamins at breakfast.  Also, this stuff is CHEAP! The $30 worth of iodine/potassium iodide that I bought (100g I2, 200g KI) will make about 4 liters of 50% Lugol’s (~80,000 drops). I’ve got enough to give myself and my wife a drop a day for the rest of our lives, and have enough left over to make a few dozen 10-day anti-radiation KI courses (130mg/day or 1.3g/course).  I2 is picky about the container (Teflon or glass with an airtight seal) but dry KI just needs to be kept dry and cool in a small Tupperware container and it’s shelf life is “indefinite”.  (thanx Ross – commenter on Dr. Davis’ site)
  • Interestingly, Iodine is use illegally to make d-methamphetamine.  But this site has great info on legitimate sources of Iodine for your HEALTH !


  • I am still not sure and will keep researching:
  • RDA of US govt for adult males:  150 mcg/day.  See Linus Pauling site for others.
    1 cup milk has 56 mcg, 1 gm iodized Salt has 77 mcg,  3 oz Turkey breast has 34 mcg. nad SEAWEED 1/4 oz dried has 4,500 mcg.
  • Right now I am taking 600mcg/day (4 tabs of 150 mcg) Iodine from Kelp sold at GNC.  The article by Dr. Davis puts a pt on 500 mcg/day.
  • WOW – David Brownstein, M.D says he uses doses of 50 mg (50,000 mcg) or more but I don’t know anything about this guy.
  • Some commenters recommended: “I take a couple drops per day of an iodine supplement called “Iosol,” and I really like it. It’s only 12 bucks a bottle (1,830 mcg per drop, 610 drops per bottle). You can find it here: . It’s not potassium iodide, but rather a combination of iodine (extracted from kelp as unbound iodine) and ammonium iodide. Some think this is better than potassium iodide. “



Note: I began thinking about Iodine Aug 22, 2009 someone kindly pointed out that my TSH may be high and driving up my LDL after my August 2009 labs came back.  But my TSH was “within normal limits” and yes, my LDL were ridiculously high but I eat high-fat paleo and assumed they were probably all big “fluffy” LDL.  Anyway, coincidentally Dr. Davis on “The Heart Scan Blog” wrote on Iodine deficiency and I decided to supplement my Iodine.  Now 4 days into, I swear I feel more energy — maybe in my head, I am not sure.  We shall see.



  1. If you listen to patient stories, the TSH can be a very poor indicator of thyroid function. It certainly is for me. It’s especially misleading for anyone taking thyroid supplementation. Best to use FT3 and FT4 and aspire to be in at least the upper third of range.

    There are much more knowledgable iodine experts out there, people whose life work is iodine. I suggest you broaden your reading. You should at least read Dr. Brownstein’s Iodine book, as well as the iodine websites.

  2. Thank you Lynn — I have much, much more to learn any suggested reading is deeply appreciated ! I will look at Dr. Brownstein. As you can see by my note, I have already linked to his site. What is your background? It is hard to weigh the validity of material on the web, eh?

  3. My TSH has frequently been high, yet I have no symptoms of hypothyroidism. I am full of energy and rarely tired during the day (and all that on only 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night). My spouse has hypothyroidism, so I am well aware of its symptoms. Sometimes my TSH is higher than hers. When more sophisticated tests are performed, my blood thyroid levels are found to be within normal limits. You have to wonder if TSH is good for anything as a diagnostic test.

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