Posted by: Sabio Lantz | May 31, 2010

Choosing a Diet

Lots of Diets out there:

  • The Zone (moderate carb, high protein, moderate fat)
  • Atkins (low-carb)
  • Ornish (very low fat, vegetarian)
  • Learn (low-fat)

The A-Z study of 311 overweight women showed Atkins a bit better than others for weight loss.  But some people did better on diets than others.   Dr. Parker reviews an article which shows that: “Stanford University researchers obtained DNA from 138 of the 311 women and noted the occurence of three genes—ABP2, ADRB2, and PPAR-gamma—that had previously been shown to predict weight loss via diet-gene interactions.  For example, a particular mix of these genes predict better weight loss with a low-fat diet; a different mix predicts more loss with a low-carb diet.”  This takes the righteousness out of the sails of those that succeed in some diets and states that some diets may be better for certain types than others. (if the study is accurate)


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