Paleo stands for this life/eating style.  But it goes my many terms including:

Evolutionary Fitness, Primal Diet, Caveman Diet, Paleolithic Diet, Hunter-Gatherer Diet, Evolutionary Fitness, Stone-Age Diet, Low Carb, Gluten Free / Dairy Free.  Related diets are  CrossFit,  the Zone, Atkins, South Beach, or lots of other no sugar / low carb diets.

Paleo stands for “Paleolithic”.  The division of human time line into the simple 3-stage system is inaccurate in many aspects, but such a division is still used in common jargon and this is from whence the word “Paleo”.  It is basically synonymous with “Hunter Gatherer”.

As you can see the list of these major divisions, 99% of human evolution as an organism occurred during the Paleo period.  During the Paleo period we ate and moved as Hunter Gatherers.  Studies have shown that about 10,000 years ago humans started using grain–the agriculture revolution.  10,000 years is relatively recently in human evolution.  And since then, human skeletons have grown shorter and weaker and human dentition has worsened.  Paleo Diets holds that by returning to the human diet prior to the agricultural revolution we can kick the body back into healthier patterns.

The Stone Age
The Paleolithic Age         4,000,000 – 8,000 BCE  (Human’s hunter gatherers)
The Neolithic Age            8,000 –  3,500 BCE  (Human’s start farming)
The Bronze Age:   3,300 – 1,200 BCE  (Copper and Bronze tools)
The Iron Age:        1,200 – 900 BCE (Formation of States)

Paleo diets are subcategory of Low Carb Diets.  I am experimenting with Evolutionary Fitness (EF) which is one of the many types of “Paleo Life Styles”. It is a life style I have experimented with since January 2009 – a newbie.  I have always been an experimental sort — I have been a pure vegetarian, raw food person, a macrobiotic person etc.  As you can see by my site, I have been many things in the past that I am not now.   Like I said, I am an explorer !

My primary source of inspiration to EF is the person who coined the expression “Evolutionary Fitness” — Dr. Arthur De Vany who is an athlete, scientist and economist teaching at the University of California at Irvine. Here is his website, but presently, without patience, it is a difficult website to learn about the Paleo diet or exercise ideas.  So gradually, I will try to list other links below to help those interested learn about EF.  Apparently Dr. De Vany is starting a new site and I look forward to the improvements.  He presently has education videos and will be coming out with a book early next year.  Trust me, his teachings are excellent !

But De Vany is just one of many Paleo advocates.  One of the first was

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